Coccine Liquid Fat for Skin Care Oil Spray

Apparently two things are important - comfortable shoes and bed. For man is either in shoes or in bed. All kinds of footwear need effective and versatile care so that we can carry out our passions without any obstacles, in impeccable looking footwear and feel great every day. Cocciné preparations are the best way to provide them with a beautiful look, and us - convenience and comfort!

- for all types of leather footwear, including suede, sports shoes, with nubuck and membrane - Tex
- equalizes and enlivens the color, gives flexibility to the applied leather and nubuck surface
- increases the properties of trekking shoes
- curing color, gives a matte effect
- preparation in the form of liquid fat
- 150ml capacity, enough for multiple applications!

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Kategória: Ochrany
Kapacita: 150 ml
Typ aplikácie: Atomizér
Použitie: Patentovaná koža
Coccine Liquid Fat for Skin Care Oil Spray
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