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Vložky do topánok stielky kód 655/11 ALOE VERA

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Who does not like spring and summer - hand up! I do not see, I can not hear ... And do your feet like these seasons as much? Maybe after a dozen or so steps in the high heels, they say "stop", fingers come out of open sandals, heels ache, or the lining of your favorite shoes reminds you of a strainer? When reviewing shoes, do not forget about Cocciné!
A wide range of inserts, heels, and high-quality heel shoes is a guarantee of comfortable spring and summer for your feet.

An insert with intense and fresh pine aroma containing aloe extract. Provides exceptional comfort thanks to the elastic latex and a soft, pleasant to the touch textile coating. Aloe has healing properties. Reduces pain and inflammation , accelerates skin healing, stimulates growth and repair.

Perforation and longitudinally profiled shape of latex forces air circulation. Aloe vera is a plant with excellent healing and nutritional properties , aloe pulp contains over 140 biologically active ingredients. These include, among others, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, substances with analgesic effect (natural salicylic acid, magnesium lactate), anti-inflammatory (campesterol, bradykinase), antibacterial (phenols, cinnamic acid, lupeol, sulfur compounds). Effect of aloe extract: reduces pain and inflammation, accelerates the healing process (skin wounds, ulcers, burns, frostbite, is helpful in healing both external and internal wounds), stimulates the growth and repair of the skin.

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Kategória: Stielky
Hrúbka: 3 mm
Vôňa: Aloes
Použitie: Leičenie

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