Coccine Refresh Extra Osviežujúca vložka s 3 pármi

Sport is health! But what about your feet? During physical exertion such as running, their load
can increase up to tenfold. Destroyed shoe lining leads to foot pain, and strong sweat and swelling release promotes chafing. To ensure the comfort of feet in such extreme conditions, the need for record-breaking solutions, that is Cocciné - an expert on difficult topics.
A thin, extremely lightweight cellulose fiber insert, contains refreshing capsules with essential oils, which gives a feeling of comfort
all day long. The feet do not overheat or get cold, stay dry and fresh. The non-slip backsheet keeps the insert in place. They inhibit the growth of microorganisms and absorb sweat. It's thin, so it fits all kinds of shoes.

The refreshing effect lasts 5-7 days. Recommended especially in summer.
For frequent replacement - 3 pairs in the package.
Sizes to choose from: 36/38, 39/41, 42/44 - with the possibility of cutting.

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6,50 € –40 % 3,90 €
Kategória: Stielky
Hrúbka: 1,1 - 1,2 mm
Vôňa: Essential oils
Použitie: Prostriedok proti poteniu
Kód tovaru: 665/21 REFRESH EXTRA
Coccine Refresh Extra Osviežujúca vložka s 3 pármi
6,50 € –40 %

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