Insoles Coccine Thermo-technical Sport Line Football

COCCINE Sport Line 4you + 1 was created to help the human body in the pursuit of sporting successes. Model FOOTBALL for kicking the ball. This insole has been designed for comfort and protection during specific footwork and avoiding injuries. In the front part, two dense foams were used to minimize the load on the foot against the surface.

SPORT LINE 4you + 1 series are thermo-technical inserts, with innovative technology of joining materials, so as to ensure better performance and comfort of physically active people. You can find more details in the pictures showing the detailed description of the inserts.
Available sizes: 36-40, 40-43, 43-46, inserts have a line to be cut out for the correct size and match them the best for footwear.

The pack contains 2 inserts, left and right.

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Kód: 2813509-F-43 2813509-L-46 Zvoľte variant
20,80 € –39 % 12,60 €
Kategória: Stielky
Hrúbka: 5 - 15 mm
Vôňa: Odorless
Použitie: Pohodlné použitie
Kód tovaru: 665/24 SPORT LINE FOOTBALL
Insoles Coccine Thermo-technical Sport Line Football
20,80 € –39 %

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