Vložky do topánok stielky NJSK 665/18 POLAR ON LATEX

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Vložky do topánok stielky NJSK 665/18 POLAR ON LATEX
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"During the drought Sasha walked along a dry road ..." but what to do when the fall and winter cause that the feet, even in the most elegant and durable shoes, freeze or vice versa, become wet?
Instead of being envious of Sasha, waiting for sunny and warm days - it's best to enrich the interior of footwear with a wide range of Cocciné inserts. Their unique thermal insulation, insulating and cushioning properties will make sure that autumn and winter will get their feet dry.

Warm and soft. The insole is made of three layers: fleece fabric and two types of latex . Thanks to its unique properties, the fleece ensures effective insulation and warmth. The softness of the fleece fabric further enhances the feeling of comfort. The middle layer of orange latex is the softness of the insole, the layer of red latex pressed in diamonds protects the insert from slipping. Recommended for footwear in the autumn and spring and winter seasons. It is a insole less massive than other winter liners , so it is also great for shoes that are well-fitted. Comfortable and hygienic.
Polar is an unusual lightweight polyester fiber, it has much better warming properties than eg natural or fluff, with much less weight. It does not absorb moisture, because the polyester has hydrophobic properties - absorbs water in an amount less than 1% of its weight, even when fully submerged, thanks to which it maintains high insulation even with significant foot sweating. This knit does not discolor or coincide. It is not susceptible to pulling out threads and always retains an aesthetic appearance. Recommended for all types of footwear in autumn and winter. Extremely comfortable, very warm and aesthetic.

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Kategória: Stielky
Hrúbka: 4,5 mm
Vôňa: Odorless
Použitie: Tepelná izolácia

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